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We need your help...
Please support (and vote FOR) these important levies!



Mental Health Works: ISSUE 3
1 in 5 people in Hamilton County are affected by mental illness, with more than 34,000 adults and children benefiting from the levy in 2015 alone. It funds many of the essential services that Talbert House and other community agencies provide every day. It's a renewal, so it won't raise taxes. 

Health and Hospitalization: ISSUE 4
This levy covers the costs of services for children and families who are uninsured or under-insured, providing a vital health care safety net for many of our neighbors. It also funds drug and alcohol treatment programs provided by agencies like Talbert House. It's a renewal, so it won't raise taxes. 


Children's Services: ISSUE 3
Children's services are crucial to keeping children safe. This levy supports behavioral health services for youth served by Talbert House. It's a renewal, so it won't raise taxes.


Ohio Early Voting starts October 11 through November 6. Election Day is November 7. Visit for more information.