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Talbert House helps children, adults and families coping with addiction, mental health and/or involvement in the legal system to support positive growth and change.

Addictions Services


The Addictions service line provides intensive substance use disorder programming, with a focus on opiates, to adolescents, adults, and families. Integrated care includes; assessment, day reporting, medication assisted treatment, and counseling in outpatient, residential, and jail settings. 

Services provided in Brown, Butler, Clinton, Hamilton, and Warren counties.

ADAPT for Men and Women  

The comprehensive residential and outpatient program provides services for drug and alcohol addicted adults charged with drug-driven felony offenses through the Hamilton County Drug Court. Services include chemical dependency education and treatment, criminality/behavior modification, frequent and random drug testing, vocational/educational services, family counseling, and a variety of supportive services. This program is offered through a partnership between Talbert House, Central Community Health Board, First Step Home, and Prospect House.

See our Hamilton County Court Guide for additional services.

Burnet Intensive Services (BIS)

Burnet Intensive Services (BIS) is a residential treatment program for males incarcerated through the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or involved with the Adult Parole Authority. This program offers substance abuse assessment, education, individual and group counseling, self-help groups, alcohol and drug testing, corrective thinking, case management, and various specialty services.

Court Treatment 

These jail-based, chemical dependency programs, known as Extended Treatment and Rewards Jail Intervention, provide substance use assessment, treatment, and reintegration for adult misdemeanant men and women sentenced by the Hamilton County Courts. Services include counseling, continuing care, criminality programming, employment readiness, and life skills development with specialty tracks for anger management, relapse prevention, assaultive behavior/domestic violence, prostitution, criminality/behavior modification, and family issues.

See our Hamilton County Court Guide for additional services.

Day Reporting

These community corrections programs provide daily intervention and accountability to Hamilton County probationers using a cognitive-behavioral approach.  The program is a partnership with the Hamilton County Municipal and Common Pleas Courts. Services include monitoring, daily reporting, substance use treatment, random drug screens, risk/needs assessment, and life skills training. Job search assistance, educational services, and financial management services are available.


See our Hamilton County Court Guide for additional services.


Driver Intervention Program (DIP)

Certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS), DIP provides prevention and assessment within a hotel setting for first-time DUI offenders in the state of Ohio. The program is designed to reduce the likelihood of repeat DUI behavior. The weekend program is offered Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Services include alcohol and drug education, traffic safety, and referral. Bilingual counselors and materials are also available for Spanish and Russian-speaking clients.

Please call (513) 861-0035 to confirm your online registration.

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Engagement Center

The Engagement Center is a triage unit for individuals struggling with opiate addiction, including those who have experienced an opioid overdose or are at high risk to reuse due to withdrawal symptoms. The Engagement Center focuses on engagement with treatment services and discharge planning for successful long term recovery. The average length of stay is estimated at three days. Engagement Center services are available, by referral only, to adult residents of Hamilton County.

Mental Health Day Reporting

This program provides daily treatment and reintegration as an alternative to incarceration for Hamilton County residents with a mental health diagnosis being served in both Hamilton County Municipal and Common Pleas Courts. The program is a collaboration between the Mental Health Court Team, Crossroads Center, and Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health. Using a cognitive behavior approach, services include monitoring, daily reporting, case management, drug testing, risk/needs assessment, and life skills training. Job search assistance, educational services, and financial management services are available.

See our Hamilton County Court Guide for additional services.


Turning Point

This chemical dependency community corrections program for Hamilton County provides assessment, treatment, and reintegration services in a residential setting for adult men convicted of a second or multiple DUI or alcohol and drug offenses. Services include orientation, assessment, educational sessions, individual, group and family counseling, a six-month Continuing Care Program, and other supportive activities.

See our Hamilton County Court Guide for additional services.

Access to services
To find services near you, call 513-221-HELP(4357).  
In crisis or need immediate assistance 24/7 call 513-281-CARE(2273) or Text Talbert to 839863. 
If you are a veteran in need of resources, call 513-281-VETS (8387)
In an emergency call 911.