CDCA Phase I

This initial CDCA certification is a preliminary certification and will be granted for 13 months. It requires 40 hours of chemical dependency specific education in the following areas:

  • Theories of Addiction
  • Counseling Procedures & Strategies with Addicted Populations
  • Group Process & Techniques
  • Assessment and Diagnosis of Addiction
  • Treatment Planning
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Pertaining to Chemical Dependency

Individuals with a CDCA certification can work with substance use clients under supervision in a variety of settings including behavioral health agencies, addiction and treatment centers.

For a complete list of requirements, visit Ohio Chemical Dependency Board.


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CDCA Phase I training sessions available through Talbert House:

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Payment will be accepted by cash, check or credit card in full or with payments. For payment instructions, see FAQs. You may be eligible for 25% off when you register for all required hours on the same day. Contact ITD at the email below for more information.

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