What do our employees have to say about working for Talbert House?

Cody Pelle

Central Services Intern

"I would absolutely recommend an internship at Talbert House for anyone interested in a career in the nonprofit field. The hands-on experience was extremely valuable. Now that I have seen the internal workings of a communications department, I have a much better understanding of what direction I want to take going forward. I am very grateful for the opportunity, especially to the Scripps Howard Foundation for alloing me to take part in their Communications Internship program."

Cody Pelle, Community Relations Scripps intern

Alex Rulon

Community Care

"This has been one of the most rewarding years of my professional career.  I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to get to work every day with genuinely great people while having a positive impact on our community."

Alex Rulon, Associate Director

James Woodson


“The work I do excites me.  It reminds me that it does not matter how many times someone may fall or stumble, it is about how they get back up and try again.  I get to witness individuals on a daily basis get up and try again.  I enjoy helping others change their behavioral patterns so they can be successful in their attempt to lead healthy and productive lives.”

James Woodson, ASM

Joanna Lowry

Court & Corrections

"Talbert House is a really great place to work because they are concerned about me and my career development. I’ve received a lot of professional development and support from supervisors who have encouraged me in different opportunities, giving me the support and training I need, and then helped me advance to more opportunities as I gained more skills."

Joanna Lowry, Associate Director

Erin Mitchell

Adult Behavioral Health

"One of the great things about working for Talbert House is being able to see the direct impact you have on a client and within the community. Another is the sense of family that you get from your coworkers. We are a fairly large agency, but we're still pretty tight-knit internally."

Erin Mitchell, Director

Judy Richardson

40 Years Tenure

"My favorite part about working at Talbert House has been working with therapists and enabling them to enable change. I enjoy seeing their growth. Coming in being a novice, fresh out of school with limited experience, I enjoy watching them grow - thinking and gaining confidence in skill."

"My advice is: you have to be flexible. There have been so many different changes all through the system. Even the way therapists or case managers would have approached a client is different today. Now we look at so many more dimensions. Change - if you're going into this field, you have to be able to adapt to change."

Judy Richardson, Supervisor (Adult Behavioral Health)

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