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Dena Landando

Dena Landando

Talbert House supports agencies like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) that benefit our clients and their families. Staff show their support of NAMI each year by participating in the annual 5K fundraising event, NAMIWalks. Dena, Clinical and Operational Supervisor, has taken the lead to organize teams at our corrections sites in Warren County since 2015. Engaging both staff and clients in participation, she has helped to coordinate over $1,000 in donations.

“I like to get clients involved by walking with team Talbert House and showing them pro-social ways to give back to their community. This year clients are saving their empty pop cans that we will cash in and proceeds will be donated to NAMI.”


Dr. Stanford

Dr. Sharon Stanford

Since joining Talbert House in 2011 as a Psychiatrist providing behavioral health services, Dr. Stanford has been one of the agency's best. She is on the front line of the organization providing direct care to Substance Abuse/Mentally Ill (SAMI) clients. In 2015 she was promoted to Medical Director, overseeing all of the agency’s psychiatric services, while continuing to provide direct care. She is leading Talbert House’s first Deaconess Health Check team to provide access to primary medical care and integrate those services with behavioral health care.

Dr. Stanford was awarded 2016 Exemplary Psychiatrist by NAMI Southwest Ohio. She has also received the Eli Lilly Leadership Award by the American Psychiatric Association. She is uniquely qualified to fully understand her patients as Board Certified by both the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Family Medicine. 

Eric Neefus

Eric Neefus

For 12 years Eric has provided quality care to Talbert House clients coping with mental health issues. He is a valued Case Manager who interacts professionally with adults who have complex needs and require a high level of assistance. He has a unique way of calmly managing emotions and helping clients in a way that builds their trust and buy-in.

His interactions with clients, family members, and peers alike are professional and consistent. Eric is an advocate for those he serves. He was recognized as the 2016 Employee of the Year for his dedication to providing care that leads to positive outcomes for his clients, their families, and the community.

"I am very grateful for the honor and appreciate all of the great folks I've worked with over the years at both College Hill and Roselawn."

Michael Allen, 2014 Employee of the Year

Michael Allen

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Michael is a supervisor for Adult Behavioral Health services and was recognized for his exceptional customer service and positive outcomes in working with severely mentally disabled adults. His exemplary case management skills have resulted in increased wellness, improved independent living, and overall stability through client-focused quality care.

"It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to work with Talbert House in affecting people's lives in a very impactful way. I believe the biggest impact that I can make on a client is to equip and empower them. I believe a client's ability to make a change in their own situation produces outcomes of endurance and longevity." -Michael

Michael exemplifies a daily commitment to improving the lives of clients and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure clients receive the care they need. He is an excellent role model for others and is passionate about what he does. The agency is very lucky to have him.

Kelle, Turtle Creek Center

Kellee Love

Click here to view Kellee's video testimony.

Kellee, a case manager at Turtle Creek Center, has been recognized for outstanding customer service as well as for her service utilization. In the three years Kellee has been with Talbert House, she has gone above and beyond her daily duties many times with clients coping with mental health issues.

She has a way of building rapport with clients by communicating with them in a way that is supportive and encouraging, yet holding them accountable and maintaining her authority. She garners respect from clients. Kellee is a self-starter and able to work independently yet seek supervision when necessary.

According to President/CEO Neil Tilow, “Kellee’s ability to communicate effectively and in a caring way demonstrates her commitment to the health and wellbeing of those she serves.  She supports their personal recovery and growth by being supportive, encouraging, and reinforcing accountability.  This combination ultimately leads to their successful recovery.” 

Regina, Community Link

Regina Sandlin

Everyday, people equip themselves with the educational and technical resources necessary to become productive and contributing citizens.  Talbert House Community Link through collaboration with Easter Seals Work Resource Center and Hamilton County Job and Family Services helps decrease the number of families receiving temporary assistance by providing the resources, education, training and work opportunities they need to enter and excel in the workforce.   

"Community Link put me on track to full-time employment at Talbert House," says Regina, Administrative Specialist.  "I love working here... my coworkers are supportive and my supervisors care about my career."  Regina is now in a position to encourage and support others.  "No matter what the situation, Talbert House is here to help."

Carrie, Boy's Youth Residential

Carrie Kunzelman

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While Carrie first aspired to become a high school counselor, she credits her internship at Talbert House for exposing  her to social services. “Drug and alcohol abuse brings problems, chaos and creates enabling. As an intern I learned the science and theory behind drug and alcohol abuse and how it affects lives and the human body,” says Carrie.

After her internship, Carrie obtained her master's degree and joined Talbert House full-time as a Continuing Care Specialist at Alternatives. Carrie was promoted to Clinical Service Provider before moving out of state. A few years later, she returned to Cincinnati. Her career came full circle when she rejoined Talbert House as a Master Clinical Service Provider driving the quality of clinical care for adolescents at Alternatives, The Bridge and Passages.

“Talbert House is the best place I have ever worked. The training and career opportunities are unbelievable and the  agency is focused on innovation with a strong emphasis on quality,” Carrie says. When asked what has been the most helpful in her career, Carrie affirms, “Talbert House offers lots of opportunities to become involved, to broaden  experiences, to drive for solutions, and to help facilitate change… at Talbert House I am appreciated.”

Carla, Community Link

Carla Daniels-Coley

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Pregnancy complications forced Carla to leave her full-time food-service job and apply for public assistance. A single mom  of five, she had always been self-sufficient. Carla was referred to Community Link where she developed valuable office  technology skills. “Initially I was scared... all I knew was food service. The staff recognized I had the potential to do more,” says Carla. 

Motivated by the support she received, Carla aspired to work for Talbert House. After a few more months of training and workplace experience, Talbert House hired Carla. She now works for Community Link. “I love the work because I have the opportunity to encourage clients who are distraught about the system. I know how it feels because I have been there. I share my experience and work to keep them motivated to stay committed.”