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Court and Corrections

Court and Corrections provides residential treatment services in halfway houses and community-based correctional facility settings.

Treatment services provided to clients are research-based, best practices. Staff develop individualized treatment plans based on the client’s needs, addressing criminal thinking as well as mental health and substance use disorders. Corrections programs offer a secure, supervised and structured living environment for clients. Clients also have access to adult basic education and GED programming and vocational services. Electronic monitoring and community residential center housing are also available.

Services provided in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties.


ADAPT for Men and Women

The comprehensive residential and outpatient program provides services for drug and alcohol addicted adults charged with drug-driven felony offenses through the Hamilton County Drug Court. Services include chemical dependency education and treatment, criminality/behavior modification, frequent and random drug testing, vocational/educational services, family counseling and a variety of supportive services. This program is offered through a partnership between Talbert House, Central Community Health Board, First Step Home and Prospect House. 

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Community Alternative Sentencing Center (CASC)

The CASC offers programming to Hamilton County adult misdemeanants offenders. The goal is to closely monitor an offender's adjustment to community supervision and/or to serve an Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated (OVI) term of confinement of 6 to 90 days.

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Community Correctional Center (CCC)

CCC is a Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF) located in Warren County providing residential care, assessment, treatment and reintegration programming for adult male felony offenders primarily from Butler, Clermont and Warren Counties.

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Court Treatment 

These jail-based, chemical dependency programs, known as Extended Treatment and Rewards Jail Intervention, provide substance use assessment, treatment and reintegration for adult misdemeanant men and women sentenced by the Hamilton County Courts. Services include counseling, continuing care, criminality programming, employment readiness and life skills development with specialty tracks for anger management, relapse prevention, assaultive behavior/domestic violence, prostitution, criminality/behavior modification and family issues.

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Men and Women's Halfway Houses

Halfway houses are community corrections programs for federal, state and county offenders that offer assessment, treatment and reintegration for adult male and female offenders in a residential setting. Services include case management, substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment, criminality/behavior modification, restitution and child support, frequent and random drug testing, education, employment readiness, verified and monitored community employment, and a variety of supportive activities. 

These programs serving Southwest Ohio are known as: Cornerstone, Pathways, Serenity Hall, Spring Grove, and Turtle Creek Center.

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Access to services
To find services near you, call 513-221-HELP(4357).  
In crisis or need immediate assistance 24/7 call 513-281-CARE(2273) or Text Talbert to 839863. 
If you are a veteran in need of resources, call 513-281-VETS (8387)
In an emergency call 911.