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Joan’s commitment to community outreach and prevention at Talbert House spans over four decades. As the COPE (Community Outreach Prevention and Education) Coordinator, she leads Hamilton County's prevention efforts, fostering partnerships with multiple providers. Joan contributes to influential committees focused on community well-being and prevention. Additionally, she advocates for projects with the Hamilton County Mental Health Recovery Services Board, significantly impacting high school and university students, as well as seniors, among others.


For over 32 years, Dennis has been a dedicated leader at Talbert House. He has revolutionized addiction treatment with a holistic, family-centered approach. Dennis prioritizes growth and accountability among staff and clients, promoting empathy and ensuring quality care. He actively educates professionals, families, individuals, and advocates about the community-wide effects of addiction. Additionally, Dennis provides volunteer training for Peer Recovery Coaches and focuses on the progress of both clients and staff to guarantee effective treatment.


For over 34 years, Otis has been a driving force in the addiction profession, advocating for Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselors (LICDC). This credential empowers practitioners to provide substance use disorder counseling, diagnose and treat conditions, and offer clinical supervision. In his roles as a mentor, tutor, and coach, Otis has guided over 50 Talbert House staff towards certification. Additionally, he trains Peer Recovery Coaches, demonstrating his commitment to empowering others and transforming treatment practices for the benefit of all involved. This work, alongside his direct care, has significantly contributed to the ongoing recovery and well-being of numerous individuals in our community.


Meet Lauren, our Employee of the Year. Lauren is the Nurse Manager (RN Supervisor) for the Engagement Center and Crisis Stabilization since 2022. Her passion for integration and problem-solving shines through, always seeking solutions to make things happen. Lauren is dedicated to expanding her expertise by currently pursuing an Addiction Counseling Certificate. We are very honored to have Lauren as part of the Talbert House team! 


Meet Vantrice, our Outstanding Employee. Since February 2022, Vantrice has been a dedicated case manager for School-Based Services, bringing her passion and expertise to Douglas Elementary School in Walnut Hills. Before this role, she served as a Therapeutic Support Staff at Passages for two and a half years. Vantrice goes above and beyond, connecting families and clients to vital resources and providing them with positive therapeutic experiences.


Meet Arnisia, an Outstanding Employee. Arnisia is a dedicated and thoughtful Administrative Assistant at Parkway Center. Going above and beyond her administrative duties, she willingly steps in as a Resident Assistant, ensuring our residents' well-being and the center's smooth operation. Arnisia's proactive approach and upbeat attitude make her an indispensable part of our team. We're lucky to have her at Parkway Center!


Meet Roger one of our Outstanding Employees. Since joining Talbert House in 2020, Roger's professionalism and dedication have shone bright. From Resident Advisor to Operations Supervisor, he's been a guiding force, always ready to support his team. Roger's trust, accountability, and empathy make him a role model for us all. We're honored to have Roger on our team!

Dawn Frierson

Meet Dawn, one of our Outstanding Employees. With 17 years of dedication to Talbert House, Dawn embodies the essence of a proactive case manager. She guides her clients through every step of the process, whether it's applying for housing, childcare, social security, or school enrollment. Her outstanding efforts consistently surpass outcome measures, with an impressive track record of client enrollments and certifications. Friendly, approachable, and dedicated, Dawn is a true asset to our team, empowering and advocating for those she serves every day!

Johnicka Powell

Johnicka was hired into the Accounts Payable department 5 years ago as a payroll specialist. When the Accounting Manager position became vacant in September 2023, it became apparent to management Johnicka’s ability to run the accounts payable department. She was promoted to Supervisor in October 2023. Johnicka took the initiative to learn system setup, 1099 filings, IRS appeals, and training of staff. She took on tasks without being asked and learned them on her own.  Johnicka demonstrated her ability to problem solve. She is a strong communicator, sensitive to customer requests and a team player. The changes in accounts payable management have been seamless due to Johnicka’s willingness to tackle any task and face challenges with a positive attitude. Johnicka was also recognized during the year for her Excellence in Customer Service by the sites. 

Allen Buckamneer

Allen, a Navy veteran, faced homelessness after a lung cancer diagnosis in 2016 left him unable to work. He discovered a home as well as hope and support when he was referred to Talbert House. With encouragement from his case manager, Allen chose to fight the disease, undergoing surgery to remove his left lung. Today, he proudly stands cancer-free.

With housing and improved health, this resident of Parkway Apartments, was ready to work. Allen joined the Talbert House team as a Resident Advisor where he supports other Veterans and homeless individuals find their way.

"I have never worked for a better organization than Talbert House. I am proud to say I am part of this mission”.

Pamela Thompson

Pamela has been a dedicated peer recovery coach at Talbert House for three years.  Having completed the ADAPT program herself, Pamela discovered her true calling – helping others. Eight years later, she returned to Talbert House as a peer recovery coach, using her own experiences to support those who've walked a similar path.

Today, her primary focus is supporting the recovery docket helping individuals navigate their reentry and journey towards recovery. She serves as an advocate, coach and connector guiding them to a brighter future.

Pamela firmly believes that hope never fades, no matter how many times people struggle. She's confident that a single person's recovery journey can inspire a thousand others. Pamela represents hope and is dedicated to guiding and supporting others, just as Talbert House did for her.

Jennifer Norman

Jennifer's compelling journey involves conquering addiction and discovering her purpose in helping others facing similar challenges. While in addiction, she passed Talbert House on Columbus Avenue and felt a calling.

Initially seeking help through Talbert House's outpatient program, Jennifer later committed to an inpatient program while working at a Speedway gas station and attending school. After completing her program, her therapist recommended a career as a peer recovery coach, aligning with her lifelong mission to aid those with addiction.

Jennifer obtained her Certified Peer Recovery Supporter license and secured a position as a Peer Specialist at Talbert House. She furthered her education through Talbert House's Institute for Training and Development (ITD) to earn her CDCA licensure. She now serves as a clinician on Talbert House's outpatient team in Warren County.

Jennifer's empathy drives her fulfillment as she shares her recovery journey, offering hope to her clients and proof that overcoming addiction is possible. Her dedication inspires others facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with determination, support, and accessible resources, recovery and a purposeful life are achievable.


Jessica Ossenbeck

Jessica started as a Case Manager with Talbert House and has since been promoted to Therapist. Reflecting on her role, Jessica shares, "I like to see the change in people from when they come in, to when they leave. I really am happy here, I love my job. I leave here every day knowing I have helped someone." Jessica has her mind set on returning to school to further her education and working her way up to a supervisory position. We are proud to have Jessica as part of our team. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

Paige Houlihan

Paige Houlihan

Paige started working with Talbert House during her undergrad program and graduated in 2018. She was hired full-time as a Case Manager after that. She continued her graduate studies at Northern Kentucky University. She is currently working as a Case Manager at Union Day Therapeutic School. She knew right away she made a good choice for her career due to her connection with the staff and students. Paige received a positive reception from the students for her calming presence. Paige is determined to find a path for her students and a way for them to grow. She recently found out that a student wanted to get into welding and Paige advocated for this student to obtain a certificate in welding. Paige has a way of meeting her students where they are and finding a way to get on their level. She wants these students to understand they have a welcoming environment and that she will be there for them. Paige would say she is "The calm voice in the eye of the storm."


Beverly Worthy

Beverly Worthy is a clinical service provider and the site’s specialty court liaison for the jail-based treatment program. Last year, Beverly Worthy celebrated 37 years of continuous employment with the agency. Beverly Worthy has worked in various positions, from the site assessor to overseeing the women’s OVI program. She is currently the site’s court liaison for Drug Court (men & women) and Change Court. Beverly continues to be a great addition to Talbert House and its mission.


Keithia Roberts

Keithia Roberts was hired as a Housing Specialist for Logan Towers when the property was re-opened after remodeling in September 2021.  Keithia is an essential part of the day-to-day operations at Logan Towers – she knows each tenant and has developed a good rapport with them.  She plays the role of a den mother, providing a combination of care and tough love for individuals with a history of severe mental illness and homelessness. As a result of her hard work and dedication, she was recently promoted to Property and Leasing Coordinator of all Talbert Services Apartments.  Keithia is a critical part of rental housing operations and a strong team player; we are lucky to have her.

Brion Jones

Brion Jones

Brion started his career as a recruiter, and in 5 years has emerged as a competent, compassionate leader with a talent for solving complex problems with objectivity and respect for others.  He leads a team responsible for supervisor support and training, employee relations, and onboarding.  Brion is known for his calm demeanor.  This past year he expanded his responsibilities as a trainer for new employees and supervisors.  Brion has raised the bar on internal customer service standards. 

Passages team

Passages - Girls Residential Treatment

Like many residential programs, Passages struggled during the pandemic with limited staffing and decreased referrals. The focus over the past two years has been to stabilize the workforce and budget while enhancing best practices. In October 2021, Passages became a OHMAS Certified Qualifies Residential Treatment Program. And within the past two months the program is almost fully staffed.

Staff members have a range of education and disciplinary backgrounds from criminal justice and social work to psychology and chemical dependency counseling. Staff receive extensive training in crisis de-escalation, safe physical management and the Family Teaching Model. This summer, clinical staff will be trained in evidence-based family therapy models to give families the skills needed for youth to successfully return home. With a strong clinical team and Therapeutic Support Specialists, Passages has increased client’s successful program completion by 27%.

The patient staff members at Passages are equipped with the tools to ensure safe, compassionate and trauma-informed care of the young women in their care.

The Community Transition Program (CTP) and Returning Home Ohio (RHO) team

The Community Transition Program (CTP) and Returning Home Ohio (RHO)

The Community Transition Program (CTP) and Returning Home Ohio (RHO) are two programs providing supportive housing services to men, women and veterans in the community. CTP offers recovery-oriented support while RHO provides permanent supportive housing for individuals returning from prison with a mental illness or HIV positive status.

COVID-19 made it difficult for case managers to meet safely with their clients.  Concerned that gaps in care would develop, the CTP and RHO team stepped up. Individualized service plans have been developed with an emphasis on accessing community resources to ensure clients' basic needs are met and include strategies to increase connection through healthy, pro-social activities.  The CTP and RHO team has provided support and connection at a time when isolation can have a devastating impact on their clients’ quality of life.  

Alyssa staff spotlight

Alyssa Beckett

Having a regular primary care provider is central to living a healthy lifestyle. As a Registered Nurse, Alyssa works directly with patients each day in addressing their primary care needs. This could include treating high blood pressure, administering vaccinations, screening for diabetes, and much more. Alyssa sees her patients at Talbert House Mt. Orab, an integrated healthcare facility where she can collaborate with counselors who are able to provide support and treatment for substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses.

“For those thinking about seeing a primary care provider, I say ‘Do it.’ Some of my patients took that first step in having that first appointment and have since been coming in every month for two years. They’ve made that transition to a positive lifestyle. I know them and am invested in their success. And with Talbert House Primary Care powered by Deaconess Healthcheck, it couldn’t be easier for those living in the Mt. Orab area to get an appointment with a provider.”

Anyone in need of a primary care provider can click here to request an appointment.

Karla Wilson

Karla Wilson

First joining Talbert House in 1999, Karla was hired as a Case Manager and went on to serve in multiple roles throughout the Court and Corrections service line. While developing new skills in her different roles, Karla was also able to expand her education by completing her master’s degree and received tuition reimbursement through the Agency. Connecting her passion and skills, Karla manages the Quality and Compliance Department where she and her team work behind the scenes to assist staff in offering quality care in a safe environment.

“Although I loved the time I worked with the men and women in corrections, I believe I am now in the role that best connects my passion and skills with how I can best serve the organization towards its mission.  I have worked with some amazing people along the way, many have played a role in mentoring me to become who I am today.”

Antwuan Harrison

Antwuan Harrison

Antwuan joined the Agency as a Resident Advisor in 2010 after being encouraged to apply by his wife and friends already working at Talbert House. After ten years and multiple promotions, Antwuan is currently an Operations Supervisor at Cornerstone. Antwuan attributes his tenure to the ‘family atmosphere’ amongst staff members and feels blessed to have been supported in his professional goals as well as in his personal life.

“What excites me most about my work is that I work with a great group of people and we really do help a lot of people. I can honestly say we make a difference. I’ve had so many clients see me outside of work and come up to me and say, “Thank you for treating me with respect.” That is the most enjoyable part of working at Cornerstone.”

A'Kisha Brown Graduation

A'Kisha Brown

From case management to clinical service, A’Kisha Brown has proven to be a true community advocate through her tenure with Talbert House. Since 2009, she has developed her skills at the Agency and followed her passion for helping people in recovery wanting to live healthy and productive lives. A’Kisha enjoys working at Talbert House because of the mentorship she’s received that has guided her through her personal and professional goals. In 2020, A’Kisha graduated as a Pam McClain Scholar and transitioned to Clinical Supervisor within Community Corrections.

“What excites me about my work is that I make a difference daily in someone’s life. I am passionate about helping people that once believe there is no hope for change or a better life. I believe in my client’s when they don’t believe in themselves. I try to be the hope for the hopeless.”

Audrey Dumas

Audrey Dumas has accomplished so much during her tenure at Talbert House including recently graduating as a Pam McClain Scholar. Her journey with Talbert House started in 2003 when she began working with adolescents as an activity security monitor. Over the years, Audrey’s curiosity made her eager to learn different roles within the agency to better assist clients. In 2008, she transitioned to the Finance department after receiving a coding and billing certification. In 2018 as Operations Lead, Audrey supported the launch of a new program: the Engagement Center. Audrey then joined the jail-based treatment team as Operations Supervisor in 2019.

“Obtaining my degree was not just for me it was for my children, my support system and the clients we serve. Being educated and skilled to address the needs of our community is the best tool a person can have! I’ve experienced many changes within the agency but two components that have never changed is the agency’s strong passion to help the clients we serve succeed and providing its employees the tools needed to succeed. I am honored to be a Pam McClain scholar and a part of an amazing TEAM.”

LaVern Sutton

LaVern Sutton

LaVern Sutton was named an Outstanding Employee of the Year in 2019. She joined Talbert House as a part of Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) in 2014. In December of the same year she became an Outreach Specialist and eventually a Case Manager. SSVF assists veterans experiencing homelessness in securing permanent housing and case management services. LaVern witnesses how this work can revitalize a client’s self-worth, confidence, respect and makes a difference in their overall quality of life.

“I love coming to work and being energetic and excited to experience the various challenges that clients present. I always look at alternatives and different approaches to allow the client to be better thinkers, problem solvers and to be proud of their accomplishments. It is a time of celebration for the client and the Case Manager.”

Al Caldwell

In 2019, Albert Caldwell was named Talbert House Employee of The Year. Al joined the Talbert House family in Febuary 2002 when he started as an ASM at The Bridge Program for adolescent males (later changing to Alternatives). As needed, Al would help with The Passages Program for adolescent females. In 2008, Al retired from The Ohio Army National Guard after 22 years of service. Currently, Al is the Operational Lead at Burnet Intensive Services for adult males. Al has seen many adolescent clients leave Talbert House successfully then turn around and end up in the adult programs.

“I wish there was more we could do to help our clients change their ways of thinking – not just in our programs but when they go back to their communities. The best thing I like is when a client says, ‘thank you Mr. Al, this program helped me,’ or when they call back years later and say, ‘I’m still doing well.’ I enjoy helping our clients and will continue to put the Albert in Talbert House.”

Vestal Simms Outstanding Employee of the Year 2019

Vestal Simms

In 2019, Vestal Simms was recognized as one of the Outstanding Employees of the Year for Community Care. He joined Talbert House as a CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program) Case Manager in 2018 and was promoted to Workforce Developer six months later. Vestal has a bachelor’s degree in Information Security Systems; a master’s degree in Business Administration and is a doctoral candidate for Organizational Management. Vestal enjoys working at the Talbert House because he’s never worked for an organization that invests so much in the success of our clients. He sees this especially within his own department and he enjoys the feeling of knowing that he has helped his clients and to see their appreciation returned.

“I set the bar for our clients high because I believe in their potential. I try very hard to get our clients to challenge themselves for a positive future.”

Kelly Ransey Outstanding Employee of the Year 2019

Kelly Ramsey

Kelly Ramsey was named the agency’s Outstanding Employee of the Year for the Court & Corrections service line in 2019. She started with the agency in 2017 as a Clinical Corrections Provider at Pathways for Women and was promoted to the Clinical Operations Supervisor at Serenity Hall in 2019. Kelly states that she has always had a passion to advocate for those who felt that their voices didn’t matter due to their prison number and/or background.

“Your past does not have to define who you are. Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and become a prosocial member of society. Talbert House offers the support and resources needed to make a successful transition back into the community. I am proud to be a part of their mission and help make a positive impact in our clients’ lives.”

Debra Frump

Debra Frump

In 2019, Debra Frump was recognized as an Outstanding Employee of the Year. She joined Talbert House as an Administrative Specialist in 2018 while working on her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. After graduating, Debra obtained her license and began the transition to Clinical Counselor for Clinton and Warren Counties Outpatient sites. Now, she completes assessments for Talbert House referrals and works with the Warren County Pre-Trial Services contract to complete ILC/PSI court referrals. Debra enjoys working at Talbert House because of the obvious passion staff has for the community and the work.

“It feels great to be a part of an agency that feels like it cares all the way from the CEO reaching out in person to help and to the clinicians, case workers, and administrative staff with their ‘boots on the ground’ to help each client get the help that they need.”

Lueree Felton

Luree Felton

Lueree Felton has been answering thousands of calls on the Talbert House 281-CARE crisis hotline for over 14 years. There aren't many things she hasn’t heard. But each time her phone rings she takes a deep breath and answers with a calm voice and focused mind. She’s ready to help whoever is on the line.

“Sometimes when you talk with callers, they have so much going on that you need to find something they can grasp on to. To give them the hope to live,” Lueree says.

“It can be scary when someone calls, and their life seems to be in your hands. But we are trained, have a strong team, and are always focused on saving their life. Sometimes someone just wants someone to listen. Someone to give them their full attention. Just to listen.”

And Lueree always listens. “That’s why we do this. Even if we just save one person’s life, that’s why we answer the call.”

Mary Spottswood

With a career spanning over 30 years, Mary Spottswood was hired at Talbert House as a project manager overseeing the agency’s first site in Warren County, the Community Correctional Center. She then led the planning and opening of a second community corrections site, Turtle Creek Center.  Her outstanding performance resulted in a series of promotions through roles such as Director, Chief Administrative Officer and ultimately Vice President.

“The mission is why Talbert House means so much to me. I have had the opportunity to do so many things, serve clients living with different challenges and build programs from the ground up, literally! I’m grateful to have been able to do impactful things at Talbert House I would have never had the chance to do anywhere else.” 

Thanks to Mary’s leadership and dedication to the clients of Talbert House, the agency is able to continue serving our community through the programs she planned and the colleagues she inspired.

Andrew Eisenberg

Andrew Eisenberg was named one of the agency's Outstanding Employees for 2019. Andrew joined Talbert House as a Billing Specialist in 2018 with over a decade of financial experience.

Andrew assists with managed care organizations, providing timely and valuable feedback to maximize reimbursement for services delivered. He has formed relationships with all of the sites, particularly in the Addictions service line. One of Andrew's colleagues says, "I personally appreciate the consistent demeanor with which Andrew conducts himself. " Andrew has joined the agency's Development Support Committee, assisting with improving and expanding the visibility of Talbert House and our affiliates.

Andrew's expertise has been a valuable asset to Talbert House, especially during the electronic health record transition. He says, "It gives me a great sense of pride that I can still impact our clients, even though I am not delivering direct care.

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith has dedicated his career to serving the underserved. Anthony joined Talbert House in 2010 after 13 years at another agency. As a Supervisor at Section Center and Pelham Place, his compassion and willingness to understand his clients' perspectives made an impact on the quality of life at his sites.

Over the past decade, Anthony has grown with the agency, serving countless clients at several programs. In his current role as Operations Supervisor at ADAPT, Anthony is responsible for overseeing the support staff and ensuring that the unit runs smoothly to meet the clients' housing and safety needs.

"We're truly making a difference in the community. We're truly impacting one life at a time. It doesn't matter what your area of need is - we have services to address many different needs that people may have. It is truly a wonderful place to work."

Jackie Legge

Jackie Legge began her Talbert House career in 2018 as an intern at Turtle Creek Center. Since joining Talbert House, she has completed her Associate of Arts in Addiction Counseling, was promoted to Operations Lead began working towards a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Counseling at the University of Cincinnati. As an Operations Lead, Jackie oversees the Resident Advisors who ensure that clients are provided direction to maintain the safety and security of everyone at the facility.


"I love seeing our clients grow and reach their goals, and then seeing them set new goals for themselves. It is very rewarding to see them get reunited with family members and watching those relationships grow. Seeing them get excited about their sobriety keeps me passionate about my job. Working at Talbert House has been a great opportunity for me."

Jesse Brooks

Since 2016, Jesse Brooks has been a Resident Manager at Grand Development, offering permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless adults. He is responsible for coordinating the maintenance of the property and helping tenants resolve issues. Prior to joining Talbert House, Jesse worked for a security company and attended Cincinnati State.


Jesse says the most exciting part about his job is "seeing someone who has been homeless, or someone who needs a second chance, get the opportunity to have safe and affordable housing. Talbert House gives staff the tools to help clients succeed. At Talbert House, both clients and employees are constantly encouraged to learn and grow."


Brian Bell has served as a Family Nurse Practitioner for Deaconess Health Check since 2017. Brian holds a BA in Psychology, a BS in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing. Prior to joining Talbert House, Brian held positions at DePaul University, Center for Community Research, UC Health and the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. With a passion for serving the underserved, Brian was drawn to the Talbert House Mission.


"My current role as a Family Nurse Practitioner offers me the opportunity to provide all patients, especially those suffering from mental illness with high quality healthcare and the respect that they deserve."


In 2018, Jenna Toon was named one of the agency's Outstanding Employees. Jenna has served as the Events Coordinator for Talbert House since January 2016. Jenna has built meaningful connections and financial support in the community through events such as the Annual Luncheon, Bang Bang in Paradise, the Fatherhood Luncheon, the Fatherhood Community Celebration and Make Camp Possible. She shares that same attention to detail and guest experience with co-workers at the Annual Winterfest staff appreciation event.


"Talbert House not only looks for ways to better meet the needs of our clients but staff too - from finding and offering the best benefits, conducting workplace surveys to better meet our needs, throwing employee appreciation events and investing in our future/growth - Talbert House truly cares."


Leslie Hoctor was named the Outstanding Employee from the Community Care service line for 2018. Leslie has served as a Clinical Service Provider for 281-CARE. the agency's crisis hotline, and she recently became an Administrative Specialist. She has worked for Talbert House since December 2017, but started a few months earlier as a volunteer. In her short tenure with the agency, Leslie has become QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) certified, presented with her colleagues on suicide de-escalation at the Warren County Correctional Institute and earned her Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant (CDCA) certification. Leslie strives to make authentic connections with everyone she interacts with at Talbert House. In her role with 281-CARE, she has over 12 active saves on her record and once spent over five hours on the phone to ensure a caller was safe and in a better state of mind before hanging up.


"Meaningful social connectedness can instill a sense of value and purpose, and this sense of worth can be a key preventer of suicide."


Talbert House Staff Spotlight Sydney Priest


Sydney Priest was named the Outstanding Employee from the Housing service line for 2018. Sydney has been with Talbert House since February of 2018 as a Housing Specialist. Within six months she earned her Certified Housing Specialist Certification. Her colleagues describe her as the ultimate team player and value her calm presence during times of stress. Sydney says she values the work she and her team do at Talbert House, advocating for people who are typically overlooked in the community because of their circumstances. Sydney believes supporting these clients will help them reach their potential and better our community as a whole.

“Housing people and seeing how grateful they are to get the opportunity to better their own life. Bettering the community around us makes the work worth it.”


Rionna Horton is a Case Manager for Talbert House’s Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP). Since joining the agency in February 2018, she quickly became one of the program’s top case managers. She has been instrumental in helping new staff learn processes and adapts quickly to the needs of the program. Rionna manages a specialty caseload of clients in drug treatment as well as ESL (English as a Second Language) individuals, influencing them to participate in activities and programs that will lead to self-sufficiency. Rionna recently completed hers Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology through Walden University and was able to secure an internship with the Forensic Service Team at Talbert House as part of her curriculum.
“Being able to help clients close to my age is what excites me about my work. I am able to actually help them prioritize their goals as they work to reach them.”

Mollie Flynn

Mollie Flynn was named the Talbert House Outstanding employee from the Community Corrections service line for 2018. She started with the agency at Spring Grove in 2015 as a Clinical Corrections Provider. Since then, she earned her License in Social Work and was promoted to Clinical Supervisor. She now works at Cornerstone, a halfway house for men reentering the community.

"Talbert House has provided me with the opportunities to grow as a professional while giving me the freedom to use my skills."

Mollie’s coworkers describe her as dedicated and reliable. She helps new staff settle into their positions and has built strong professional relationships with colleagues and the clients she serves.

"I’ve always felt called to advocate for others. Everyone deserves a chance. I am passionate about my work because I get to be a part of those chance for people."


Ray Rush

Ray was named Talbert House’s Employee of the Year for 2018. He serves as the Associate Director for Turning Point and 1617 Reading Road, providing programming to adults in the Hamilton County justice system. Ray has been with Talbert House since 1974. For the past 28 years he has occupied various positions within the Addictions service line and at Turning Point, from Service Provider to Associate Director. Described by colleagues as truly passionate about his work, Ray is happy to be in a position where he can pass along what he’s learned over the years to new staff coming in.

Ray says he likes being able to interact with clients as people, watch them grow, and in many cases see them go on to help others struggling with addiction. His attitude and approach has earned him a positive reputation among the individuals he has served and those he’s worked with over the years.

"I have really enjoyed working with our clients at Turning Point and seeing their lives change first-hand."

They in turn recognize Ray for changing, and in many cases saving, their lives.


Shericeia Scott

Shericeia was recognized as the Outstanding Employee from the Mental Health service line for 2018. She joined Talbert House in 2008 as a Youth Care Provider and now serves as the Operations Supervisor for the Girls Residential program. Shericeia’s passion for her work and dedication to her clients is evident to those she works with and can be seen in the quality of service she provides. Whether she’s bridging the gap between clinical and operational teams, or working extra shifts to ensure staff coverage, Shericeia enjoys each new challenge she faces and loves the fact that every day at Talbert House is different.

"I’m forever grateful that I have an opportunity to help shape and improve the quality of life for so many adolescent females, who are our future leaders."


Laura Schiele

Laura joined Talbert House over seven years ago as a Case Manager. She received her Master’s in Social Work in 2018 with the assistance of the McClain Scholarship available to Talbert House employees pursuing higher education. Laura uses her advance degree in her current position as a school based therapist for Winton Woods Elementary School.

Laura enjoys the dynamic experience of working in a school environment and engaging with students from all walks of life. Inspired by the quote, "be the person you needed when you were younger", she finds her purpose in teaching children that they have value.

"I am able to see the best in these children, help them feel heard, worthy, important, relevant, and connected. It is a great feeling to know that I am equipping children with the skills to become their own self-advocates."


Donald Jones

Donald has worked at Talbert House for 7 years. He started part time at Turtle Creek Center (TCC), a halfway house that assists men reentering the community. His compassion and desire to understand the difficulties his clients face has made him a valuable part of the Talbert House family. Donald is now the Operations Supervisor at TCC and continues to get excited about how he can best serve the clients in the program.

"Each day we are challenged to serve our clients and impact lives through our mission. Each day we are granted the ability to see hope in action, to see dreams become realities, and obstacles and fears become triumphs and successes."


Natalie Williams

Natalie came to Talbert House in 2003 working for 281-CARE, where she would ultimately become a Supervisor. She enjoys her work at the crisis hotline because she is able to help people, whether it’s a caller or co-worker.

This compassion is evidenced by one particular incident when Natalie was able to de-escalate a caller who said he had nothing to live for. Natalie talked to him, listened, and ultimately referred him to the Fatherhood Project and mental health services, where he started seeing a therapist and taking proper medication.

"I am passionate about the work I do because it’s rewarding. When a person calls and says ‘thank you’ or ‘you saved my life’ after providing them with a service, it fills my heart with joy."


Scott Elsbrock

Scott Elsbrock has been a Case Manager at Talbert House’s Western Hills office since 2012. Scott’s persistence and determination includes helping his clients find safe and secure housing, plan for a successful discharge from incarceration or hospitalization, and being persistent in making contact when they are unreachable. Scott collaborates with court personnel, police officers, medical services, mobile crisis and community providers to ensure clients get the care and services they need.

"I enjoy seeing the end result each and every day."

Scott was recently recognized by The Alliance on mental Illness (NAMI) of Southwest Ohio as Exemplary Case Manager of the Year at their 2018 Evening of Hope.



Gary Weiler

Gary has been with Talbert House for 24 years. He began as a Clinical Service Provider at Turning Point before moving to Princeton High School as part of the Agency’s school-based services.

Gary gets great satisfaction in working with the staff and students at Princeton High School, and has become a valued part of the school culture.

Gary’s supervisor says she regularly receives positive feedback, not just about the quality of Gary’s work, but the depth of his caring for his clients and their families.

"Every day gives me a new opportunity to do good things and make myself useful to others."



Margurite Jackson

Since joining the Agency in July of 2015, Margurite has worked in Community Corrections, most recently as an Operational Lead at the Community Correctional Center (CCC). Margurite completed her Associate of Arts in Social Work degree with the assistance of the McClain Scholarship available to Talbert House employees pursuing higher education.

"What excites me the most about working at Talbert House is the interaction I have with clients who are trying to turn their lives around for the better."

Margurite is passionate about helping clients realize their potential and reach their goals, and firmly believes that while they are at Talbert House their first job is focusing on their treatment and recovery. Margurite also created the first garden at CCC that allows the men to stay busy working with their hands.

"Holding the guys accountable for their actions and showing them better solutions really puts them in charge of the path they’re going down."

Steve Lawson

Talbert House has benefitted from Steve’s passion to help others for over 20 years. Starting as a part-time employee with the Agency’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP) in the 1990s, Steve has worked his way to being a CSP-Practitioner with DIP and Turning Point. He is responsible for running the 6/10/20 day DIP classes as well as education for the residential population at Turning Point and providing reentry support.

"I have worked at various treatment centers around the area and always just wanted to settle into a place where I felt I could fit in and do the best work helping those with substance use disorders."

Joan Van Epps

Joan was recently recognized for her impressive 25 year tenure with Talbert House. Currently, Joan works part-time as a Clinical Lead at the office in Walnut Hills despite having "retired" a few years ago.

"Absolutely the most satisfying thing about my work at Talbert House is when I experience clients making changes and moving onto constructive lives. Since I work exclusively with clients who have experienced extreme trauma, it is their progress and the challenges presented by their experiences that keeps me coming to work."

It's Joan's continuing passion for her work in helping victims of trauma, as well as her considerable expertise, that have made her an asset to the Agency and its mission for 25 years.



Maura Lang

Maura Lang

Talbert House's response to the opioid epidemic has been to offer numerous education and prevention training sessions throughout the neighborhoods of Cincinnati, thanks to city funding and help from staff like Maura. 

"I come to work every day knowing that Talbert House saves lives, which is an incredible feeling. I am passionate about helping our community's most vulnerable. I have grown particularly passionate about helping those in the community most affected by the opiate epidemic."

She has dedicated evening and weekend hours to educate and reduce the risk of harm inflicted through the use of opiates, as well as strengthen the agency's presence as a community provider.

"I feel called to help them, and I can't imagine a better place than Talbert House to be to answer that call."

Connie Foster

Connie Foster

"I have been passionate about Criminal Justice for many years, but working here and being able to make a difference in a client's life is priceless."

Connie oversees electronic monitoring through multiple corrections locations and has been with Talbert House since 2014. She was honored as an Outstanding Employee for providing exceptional customer service and dedication to her clients.

"To be able to give encouragement and positivity to the clients - to see that shine through them in hopes they can and will have a better, more determined and brighter future - that is what makes this job my passion."

Jill Toca, RN

Jill Toca

Recognized for her commitment to clients by providing the most accommodating care, Jill makes sure every client is able to succeed in their recovery. She is a Registered Nurse for behavioral health outpatient services in Georgetown and Mt. Orab in Brown County, working with patients struggling with addiction and mental illness every day. 

“Through my job, I get to make a difference in addiction recovery or the stabilization of a patient with mental health illness. As a nurse, you get to know your patients, and you truly want to see them get better and enjoy a productive, good life. If I can make a difference in one person’s treatment for the good, then I have done what I love to do.”

Jill has been with Talbert House since 2016 and also helps teach CPR for the agency.

"Working in this field, you get to know the person. They want to recover, they want to live a good life. I see the person, not their addiction. I love to see someone make a 360 due to the services we offer. This is what I love about my job!"

Keara Wrightsman

Keara Wrightsman

Watch Keara's video testimony

As an administrative specialist for Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) at Parkway Center, Keara commits to providing quality service to clients and her team through continuing education and connecting individuals with important resources.

"I left homelessness after 10 years on the streets and jumped straight into having a new baby, two teenage children, and a home to care for. I was unemployable and had no means to support us. Without Talbert House, I wouldn't have known what to do with myself, my daughters, or much else. Then Talbert House stepped in and gave me a chance to be an employee again."

Within her first year of employment, she became Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant certified, an Ohio notary public, and certified to complete Social Security applications. She has been successful in placing several clients directly into employment through her work of bridging relationships with employers in the community and educating them about the program. Keara was recognized as the 2017 Employee of the Year.

"I believe in what we do, and I'm grateful for the agency and my job, and that makes all the difference."

Dena Landando

Dena Landando

Talbert House supports agencies like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) that benefit our clients and their families. Staff show their support of NAMI each year by participating in the annual 5K fundraising event, NAMIWalks. Dena, Clinical and Operational Supervisor, has taken the lead to organize teams at our corrections sites in Warren County since 2015. Engaging both staff and clients in participation, she has helped to coordinate over $1,000 in donations.

“I like to get clients involved by walking with team Talbert House and showing them pro-social ways to give back to their community. This year clients are saving their empty pop cans that we will cash in and proceeds will be donated to NAMI.”


Eric Neefus

Eric Neefus

For 12 years Eric has provided quality care to Talbert House clients coping with mental health issues. He is a valued Case Manager who interacts professionally with adults who have complex needs and require a high level of assistance. He has a unique way of calmly managing emotions and helping clients in a way that builds their trust and buy-in.

His interactions with clients, family members, and peers alike are professional and consistent. Eric is an advocate for those he serves. He was recognized as the 2016 Employee of the Year for his dedication to providing care that leads to positive outcomes for his clients, their families, and the community.

"I am very grateful for the honor and appreciate all of the great folks I've worked with over the years at both College Hill and Roselawn."

Michael Allen, 2014 Employee of the Year

Michael Allen

Click Here to view Michael's video testimony

Michael is a supervisor for Adult Behavioral Health services and was recognized for his exceptional customer service and positive outcomes in working with severely mentally disabled adults. His exemplary case management skills have resulted in increased wellness, improved independent living, and overall stability through client-focused quality care.

"It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to work with Talbert House in affecting people's lives in a very impactful way. I believe the biggest impact that I can make on a client is to equip and empower them. I believe a client's ability to make a change in their own situation produces outcomes of endurance and longevity." -Michael

Michael exemplifies a daily commitment to improving the lives of clients and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure clients receive the care they need. He is an excellent role model for others and is passionate about what he does. The agency is very lucky to have him.

Regina, Community Link

Regina Sandlin

Everyday, people equip themselves with the educational and technical resources necessary to become productive and contributing citizens.  Talbert House Community Link through collaboration with Easter Seals Work Resource Center and Hamilton County Job and Family Services helps decrease the number of families receiving temporary assistance by providing the resources, education, training and work opportunities they need to enter and excel in the workforce.   

"Community Link put me on track to full-time employment at Talbert House," says Regina, Administrative Specialist.  "I love working here... my coworkers are supportive and my supervisors care about my career."  Regina is now in a position to encourage and support others.  "No matter what the situation, Talbert House is here to help."

Carrie, Boy's Youth Residential

Carrie Kunzelman

Click here to view Carrie's video testimony.

While Carrie first aspired to become a high school counselor, she credits her internship at Talbert House for exposing  her to social services. “Drug and alcohol abuse brings problems, chaos and creates enabling. As an intern I learned the science and theory behind drug and alcohol abuse and how it affects lives and the human body,” says Carrie.

After her internship, Carrie obtained her master's degree and joined Talbert House full-time as a Continuing Care Specialist at Alternatives. Carrie was promoted to Clinical Service Provider before moving out of state. A few years later, she returned to Cincinnati. Her career came full circle when she rejoined Talbert House as a Master Clinical Service Provider driving the quality of clinical care for adolescents at Alternatives, The Bridge and Passages.

“Talbert House is the best place I have ever worked. The training and career opportunities are unbelievable and the  agency is focused on innovation with a strong emphasis on quality,” Carrie says. When asked what has been the most helpful in her career, Carrie affirms, “Talbert House offers lots of opportunities to become involved, to broaden  experiences, to drive for solutions, and to help facilitate change… at Talbert House I am appreciated.”